Cellphone-Mate, Inc. SureCall™ CM2000-WL 55dB Dual Band SOHO Amplifier (Kit)

Cellphone-Mate, Inc. SureCall™ CM2000-WL 55dB Dual Band SOHO Amplifier (Kit)

Cellphone-Mate, Inc. SureCall™ CM2000-WL 55dB Dual Band SOHO Amplifier (Kit)
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The Cellphone-Mate SureCall™ 55dB Dual Band Cell Phone Booster can provide an enhanced cell zone up to 1,500 sq. ft. (depending out outside signal strength and antennas)  Compatible with most national carriers for voice and 3G data.  This product is not compatible with Nextel iDEN, T-Mobile 3G/4G, ATT/Verizon LTE or Sprint WiMax.

How it works:
The outside antenna is placed in the area of best signal, collects it and sends it through a cable to the amplifier. The amplifier boosts the signal, and then sends the boosted signal through a cable to be retransmitted through the inside antenna. This provides an area of improved signal that can be used by up to 15 phones or data cards simultaneously.


  • Boosts Cellular and PCS Signal by 10x
  • Reduces Dropped Calls
  • Improves Voice Quality
  • Extends Cell Phone Talk and Standby Times
  • Supports Dual-Band Frequencies (800MHz Cellular and 1900MHz PCS)
  • Supports all major standards including CDMA, GSM, TDMA and AMPS
  • FCC Approved (FCC ID: RSNCM2000) for Maximum Output Power (3 Watts on 800MHz Band, 2 Watts on 1900MHz Band)
  • Complete Package for Small Office/Home Office use
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Automatic Current Control
  • Oscillation indicator lights

The CM2000-WL-55 Dual Band Cell Phone booster is ideal for larger commercial vehicles (ships, trains, buses, RV's) or smaller homes up to 1500 sq. ft. based on 3+ bars outdoor signal strength.  If signal strength outside is less than 3 bars, inside coverage may be less than 1500 ft.

Cellphone-Mate's Recommended separation between indoor and outdoor antennas if using omni-directional antennas: 50 ft. 

Ways to decrease required antenna separation distance

  • Increase the vertical component of the separation
  • Choose a directional outdoor yagi or directional indoor panel antenna or both (must be facing away from each other)

CM2000-WL 55/60dB Amplifier Specifications
Frequency 824-894MHz & 1850-1990MHz
Gain 55dB (Cellular), 60dB (PCS)
Max Output Power 3 Watts EIRP
Impedance 50ohms
Noise Figure Maximum 5dB
VSWR Less than 2:1
AC Power
Input AC 110V, 60Hz;
Output: DC 6V
DC Power
RF Connections Inside/Outside Antenna Port: FME/Male
Power Consumption
Dimensions 7 x 4.8 x 1.2 inch
Weight 1.5 lbs
Warranty 2 year
IC Approved Canada IC: 7784A-D60UNDER

Defult Kit Contents (can be modified at bottom):
(1) CM2000-WL-55 55dB Dual Band Amplifier w/ mounting hardware and power supply
(1) 8-10 dB Yagi Outdoor Antenna
(1) 2-5 dB Omni Directional Indoor Dome Antenna
(1) 20' LMR-240 Cable
(1) 40' LMR-240 Cable

Compatible With: Most Major U.S. Cell Phone Carriers for voice / 2G / and 3G data.  Not compatible with Nextel/iDEN, Verizon 4G LTE, AT&T 4G LTE, T-Mobile 3G/4G AWS, or Sprint 4G WiMax or LTE.

Please remember, just like with any other booster on this site, some signal must be present outside the vehicle, home, office, warehouse, etc. in order for the amplifier to operate properly. No signal in = No signal out. Amplifiers cannot boost a signal that is not present to begin with.

Customization Options

Please read our purchasing/customization recommendations below and then select your antennas, cables, and options at the bottom of the page.

Outside Antenna General Purchasing Recommendation

Reasons to choose a Yagi Antenna:

  • If you are only interested in boosting a single carrer or multiple carrers with towers in the same general direction
  • If you have only 1-2 bars outdoor signal strength. Still recommended for higher signal strengths as well
  • If you Live on a relativly flat terrain.  Not recommended for mountainous or urban areas.
  • If you are planning on using 50+' of coax from the yagi to the amplifier.  Still recommended for lesser cable lengths as well

We Recommend the yagi antenna for roughly 95% of our customers.

Reasons to choose an omni-directional antenna: 

  • If you are looking for the quickest and easiest installation possible
  • If you have multiple carriers to provide coverage for and towers are not located in same general direction
  • If you have at least 3 bars outdoor signal strength
  • If you plan on using less than 50' of coax from the omni-directional antenna to the amplifier
  • When given a choice among 3, 5, and 9 dB Omni-Antennas, Choose 3 dB for mountainous or urban areas, 5 dB for suburban or moderate terrain areas, and 9 dB only for flat terrain areas
  • If you can adhere to the antenna separation requirements for this amplifier (At least 50 ft. between indoor and outdoor antennas)

Inside Antenna General Purchasing Recommendation

Reasons to choose a ceiling mounted dome antenna:

  • If you have access to an attic or crawl space where you can run cabling easily to the antenna
  • If the coverage area is more or less sqaure, as opposed to rectangular

Reasons to choose a wall mounted panel antenna: 

  • If the coverage area is large and more rectanguar than square
  • If you do not have access to an attic or crawl space
  • If you have access to an attic or crawl space and have very tall ceilings (mount in attic, facing downward)
  • Are able to install it in a direction facing away from the outdoor antenna
  • Are purchasing as a second antenna for a multi-floor system (installed on lower floor facing away from outdoor antenna)

Cabling General Purchasing Recommendation

  • Keep the cable lengths to a minimum.  Purchase only the lengths you need and do not coil or fold extra cable.
  • Keep the cable from the outdoor antenna to the amplifier as short as possible (remembering that the amplifier should be installed in a location that has 110 AC power)
  • Keep the cable length from the amplifier to the indoor antenna(s) as short as possible (while trying to adhere to the antenna separation requirements for this amplifier - adjustable gain amplifiers and directional antennas will almost always decrease the required antenna separation distance.

Lightning Surge Protection
We always recommend lightning surge protection for every kit we sell.  Installing a surge protector in-line will protect your amplifier in the event the outdoor antenna is struck by lightning.  Must be electrically grounded.

Universal Roof Mount for Outdoor Antenna
Universal One Legged mount with a 1.66" O.D. mounting pipe. The Universal One Legged Mount can be installed on any roof, wall or gable end. This mount is designed for virtually all types of antennas.  Compatible with all yagi and omni-directional antennas we sell.

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